5 Reasons to Buy Wall Stickers

November 2, 2011
By CreativeTeam

modern-wall-stickersWall stickers are becoming more popular as a result of them being an “instant home makeover” solution. At Stickerwall we have a wide range of stylish wall sticker designs for you to choose from.

We have come up with 5 reasons why we think you should buy Wall Stickers today.

1. Wall stickers are an affordable but cost effective way to transform your home. We have a large range of great designs at amazingly low prices.

2. DesignS for every taste. Stickerwall have a large range of designs to choose from – Wall Quotes, Modern, Children, Animal, Butterfly, and Glow in the Dark are just some of the designs currently available

3. Wall Stickers are innovative. The scope for creativity is tremendous. Impress your friends and family with your designs.

4. Wall stickers are really easy to use. Simply choose the position to place your sticker, ensure that the surface is clean and dust free, then peel the backing paper off and apply the sticker to the wall.

5. Wall stickers can easily be removed or repositioned. You simply peel them off the wall and they won’t leave a single mark. This makes them ideal if your renting your home and don’t want to have the landlord to
answer to when you eventually move out

Wall stickers are a fun way to transform your home. Visit us today at http://www.stickerswall.com or call us for inspirational Wall Stickers ideas for your home or office.

Wall Stickers are made of paper or vinyl and backed with low tack adhesive allowing ease of repositioning wall stickers without damaging paint or wallpaper.

• Easily removable and to apply.
• Suitable for Walls, Doors, Windows, Mirrors, Refrigerator and Furniture etc
• No paint, no tools, no glue – just peel and stick!

At Stickers Wall, we specialise in creating advanced detailed wall stickers and our wall stickers range is one of the biggest in the UK. Place you order online and you can have the wall stickers delivered home in just a couple of days.

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