3 Reasons Why Wall Stickers are better than Painted Wall Art

September 15, 2011
By CreativeTeam

 Wall StickersAre you wondering how Vinyl Wall Stickers are better than some other piece of wall decor? Well, I will explain that. Beautifying your house could be a pleasure. There are plenty of methods to make a wall or even a home look stunning. Designing styles and trends do come and go. What’s “in” this season might not be “in” every year. Many times, after working for a lot of time painting or beautifying an area or a room, you end up wanting to change it again later on. The best way to maintain a decorated room fresh with a great expression of your imagination and creativity is to apply vinyl wall quotes.
In case you have a favorite quotation, a popular scripture, or if your little one has a favorite line of an adored hero, placing that quote on the walls as part of an attractive scheme can also add that extra feel to actually personalize a space. Vinyl Wall Stickers are very easy to use and also quite easy to remove when you wish to modify the style or even the quote.
Vinyl Wall Stickers are available in a lot of sizes, print styles, and colors. Suppliers that provide these items usually have a huge selection of quotes pre-designed to select from. If you fail to get the one you are searching for they may gladly tailor make or create your quote to suit your needs. You know how difficult wall paper is usually to apply or remove, when you wish to have something different. But, when it comes to vinyl wall quotes, applying and removing from the surface is effortless in comparison. It’s also very simple to clean. Try it out next time you plan a redecorating project. Using Wall Stickers is among the most incredible and stylish ways that will make your home a heaven. Here are some factors which clearly show why you must go for wall quotes rather than paint:

  • 1. A channel to express your creativity: Through the use of these wall quotes, you can let your home talk about your creative imagination as well as your taste. It isn’t necessary that you must write the quotation by yourself, but the idea that you have selected it, speaks about your individuality. You don’t need to stick to the styles and wall quotes that are found in the designer’s collection; you can perform some on-line research or can let loose your imagination and can fool around with words and styles to come up with a stunning set of wall quotes for your house.


  • 2. Very easily removable: These Vinyl Wall Stickers are certainly not permanent and you may effortlessly take them off the wall according to your wish.


  • 3. Highly affordable: These wall quotes are very cheap and affordable. Depending upon the material and size you select, Wall stickers can cost as little as £9.00 for a wonderful design.

In conclusion, wall stickers are economical, cost efficient, easy to apply, easy to remove and easy to re-apply. Wall Stickers get 10 out of 10 from us!


At Stickers Wall, we specialise in creating advanced detailed Vinyl Wall Stickers, and our wall stickers range is one of the biggest in the UK.

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